About Us


About Wayfarer MC


Who...are we?

That's a simple one, we are men who ride motorcycles, and share a bond of brotherhood. Wayfarers come from all points of the compass, and share a passion for "gettin' in the wind."

What...are we?>

We are a Motorcycle Club. We are not a gang, we are not 1%ers, we are not Sons of Anarchy (That was just a t.v. show), we are a club of motorcycle riders. If that's too boring for you, move along. That's why browsers have back buttons.

Where...are we?

You might find us anywhere, but let me be clear Wayfarers claim no territory! We'll leave that to the people that do. Not sure who that is? Then keep looking, we're sure its not hard to find out, but in the meantime we'll keep riding and moob'in. Suggest you do the same.


The WAYFARERS Motorcycle Club was founded in Huntington WV, 2014. We joinded the West Virginia Confederation of Clubs, January 2015. We are a club founded upon traditional MC protocols, and we love it. You can't buy it, you live it. We are not a 1% club, we are not a support club, and we claim no territory. We respect all that show respect, and we mind our own. To any that asks what it takes to be a part of this club, it's simple, it takes respect amd understanding of brotherhood, loyalty, and commitment and a passion for the ride.


The purpose of Wayfarers Motorcycle Club is to to bring together a group of people who enjoy thie type of lifestyle and motorcycle riding, with a focus on community involvement. The Wayfarers Motorcycle Club strives to enhance the community that it resides in, by participating in charity event and creating opportunities to assist, aid, and otherwise involve itself with community service activities, while also promoting and maintaining a positive image for the club. The Wayfarers Motorcycle Club will always strive to promote fellowship among motorcycle riders and work to improve relations between the general public and motorcycle riders through discourse and social events.


We are a West Virginia Riders Association (formally known as the WV CoC) member, and our colors consist of a one piece patch that has a top rocker that reads "WAYFARERS", and a bottom rocker that reads "NON DUCOR DUCO". The center consists of the clasped hands of Brotherhood, on top of the Wayfarer Compass Rose.


Yes, you must prospect to join our MC. This is a family and we are not "weekend warriors". You will earn your way into this brotherhood. Want more info? Go here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do you allow sportbikes?
    No, while we don't discriminate against sportbikes, we don't accept potential members that ride sportbikes as their primary bike. The reason is two-fold, 1.) we want to ride together and not restrict or impede anyone, and 2.) we want to create an environment that is common for all of our members, and we think cruisers are best for that.
  2. Why do you call your club Wayfarers?
    There's a story about that, ask us.
  3. How do i get your club to help out with a charity or event?
    Ask. Feel free to use the links on this site to contact us.
  4. How do i become a club supporter?
    Ask. Feel free to use the links on this site to contact us. I think I just stated that
  5. What do your supporters do for you?
    Our "club" supporters do exactly that, support the club. Hang out with us, participate in our events, charities, and event rides.
  6. I see your club wears a bottom rocker, are you 1%ers?
    No. Although our patch has rockers, it is actually a one piece patch. We are by no means 1%!
  7. What do I have to do for prospecting? How long does it take?
    You have to come out and make sure this club is right for you, that you fit in, and that you can be committed. Our prospecting process has no set time, and it never will.
  8. Why do you make people prospect?
    Simple, this is not the club for everyone. We are looking for the right type of men to be part of this club, and we think anyone joining a club should take the time to get to know the club as well. Prospecting allows you the opportunity to figure it all out.
  9. Do you have rides, and attend events?
    Yes. We love to ride, and we also love to support motorcycling events in our area.
  10. Do you only get together for rides and events?
    Absolutely not. You will find us out having a good time any day of the week.