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A personalized message about prospecting

Prospecting: The Low Down

A brother found the following message on a BFMC site, and it pretty much nails it. You can find the original here, but here's our edited version. (Changed a few words to personalize it, but have no doubt about it, this was an original BFMC write up.)

If you are thinking of making the leap from independent biker to club life, think twice and ask yourself, why do I want to be a club member? Now I’m not talking about corporate clubs or organizations, I mean old skool three-piece patch holders. And be honest, if your goal is to look tough, cool, or to be the envy of all your friends…then do everybody a big favor, stay an independent and enroll in a self-esteem class. Club life is anything but easy and it’s not for everyone. Being a club member means a lot of hard work and dedication, but, IT'S WORTH IT! Aside from that, you lose many personal freedoms such as; where you go, what you wear, and who you talk to. All things to think about before taking that next step. there is no such thing as buying a new Harley, leathers, and chaps and becoming and instant biker. if you think putting a patch on makes you a biker you have the wrong outlook on this whole adventure. THE PATCH DOESN"T MAKE THE MAN, THE MAN MAKES THE PATCH. Go figure that out! I personally quit being a biker the day i became a Wayfarer prospect. Biker is a generic term used by the masses to group us all together. Like i said, I’m not a biker I’m a Wayfarer!

Prospecting is much more than a tiring obligation. It’s a proud time-tested tradition that unfortunately some bikers seem to feel is beneath them and that they should just become instant club members (yeah right!), probably the same guys whose parent’s bought them a brand new car for their sixteenth birthday. I believe in prospecting…every member of every club should have paid their dues in this manner. That’s what separates us from all the rest. No shortcuts and no free rides. No one should be allowed to beg or buy their way into any club. Patches must be earned not handed out like party favors.

Prospecting is much more than a tiring obligation. It's a proud time-tested tradition that unforunately, some snowflakes feelis beneath them. They may think that they sould just become instant patch holders, after paying a club membership fee. That will not happen in this MC!
Our intent is to build family, based on mutual respect and the ability to depend upone one another...anytime, day or night; anywhere, to the four points. We are not concerned with the color of your skin, the manufacturer of your scoot, or the area from which you came, instead we want to see the content your character!

STEP 1: The Hang-around

From independent, the next step is club hang-around. Hangarounds have to be invited to club gatherings. As a hangaround club meetings give you the opportunity to try the club on for size, so to speak. But here is what you have to keep in mind; all clubs are not the same, if your dead set on the idea of being in a club, know its history, meet the members, ask questions. All clubs are not the same, so find the club that fits you. In other words, GET IN, WHERE YOU FIT IN.

STEP 2: The Prospect

The prospect period is a time of history, culture, and customs. All prospects will be expected to do what their told, that’s a given. But go that extra mile. Always remember as a prospect you’ll have no rank or privileges. Most clubs require a 100% of its members to give a yes vote before a prospect can patch-out. Out of every 10 hangarounds maybe 3 will make prospect and 1 will patch-out. JUST TO BE CLEAR: There is NO maximum time required of a hangaround or a prospect. Believe it or not, some of the most well known and respected heads of clubs today prospected over 5 years, that’s why prospecting shouldn’t be looked at as a necessary evil, but instead a labor of love!! Good luck…and keep your knees in the breeze and the shiny side up.

Now that was some good stuff!

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